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Friends, we decided to amuse you with gifts - a cumulative loyalty program. That is, for each of your orders you will receive a cash back to your electronic purse (so it is important that orders are made from one mobile number): for the amount of the order before 1999 UAH - 1% of cash back, from 2000 UAH to 2999 UAH - 2% and so to 10 000 UAH.

When you make the first order for 4000 UAH, then you will receive 1% of the cash back at once, and from the next order - up to 4%!

A nice gift and for customers who have been with us for a long time - the amount of the cash back is automatically connected and, depending on the accumulation to this point, the amount of orders.

Bonuses are credited from the time of the first order and are valid for a year.

That is, the more you make orders - the more you get a cash back!