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About us

Sushi Room - a company that offers its customers the idea of combining two unique features - traditional and originality. We are not afraid to experiment, so we feel free to combine traditional Japanese recipes with our own culinary developments. We were the first in Lviv to offer our customers Color rolls, Roll Blue star, rolls with fruit - Canada Roll, Roll Jack, Roll with apples. Warm Tempura Quatro formadzhi rolls are made by own recipe with a blend of four cheeses - Brie, Philadelphia, and tostovyj and Dorblu. The company keeps all international culinary trends. Always fresh ideas and their implementation masterly help us to get the best results and surprise our fans by innovations that are not even in the leading delivery parts and restaurants.

Sushi Room team already has more than 10 people. We constantly grow and work hard every day to offer you high quality and healthy Japanese food. You can plunge into a new taste and feel like a real foodie. To make you feel all unique, we use real cheese Philadelphia, original Kikkoman soy sauce and rice Calrose medium-premium. We carefully choose suppliers of products and our cooks take care of every detail. The basis for maintaining high quality and usefulness of our dishes are no preservatives or chemical additives and products are minimal heat treatment. We do not use re-freezing the fish, causing it retains the rich flavor and freshness. Each stage in the creation of masterpieces meets the most stringent requirements. Particular attention is for wood burning pizza baked with natural Italian Caputo flour for the authentic Italian recipes.

We prepare 22 kinds of pizza, each charm you unique taste and aroma. We also offer our clients a most special taste of pizza and order it to choose the sauce and our courier will deliver it hot and tasty right to your table. Sushi and Pizza - two separate unique kitchens, so their preparation is separated processes, which employ professionals. Thanks to a specially equipped kitchen and pizza oven you can always be sure of maintaining traditional taste properties of our dishes, matching recipe and design. Our aim is your satisfaction. Therefore, we consider details such as packaging and appearance of our products. Sushi and Pizza is delivered in a stylish foreign container that closes tightly and keeps the original flavor. Sushi Room Company tries to pay great attention to customer service. In implementing the order we will always help you make the best choice and courier will deliver it to the provided address. Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and feedback on our work, because every your response is a step to improve the team. We are happy to answer your messages and will respect all your wishes to become better.

Thank you for choosing Sushi Room.